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« Thursday March 28, 2013 »
Start: 6:00 pm
End: 8:00 pm
    Are you a writer in search of a writing group? Village Books is hosting a fiction writing group on the mezzanine level of the store near the poetry section and Book Fare Cafe. Come meet other writers who can help you get organized, give feedback, and help you with your writing goals. This group is open to newcomers and drop-ins and will meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 6-8pm. 
Start: 7:00 pm
Detectives Matthew Toussaint and Missy Owens search through the damp chill of a Portland February morning for clues about the death of a young drifter, found under one of the city’s many bridges. The victim: Ben Foeller, the errant younger son of Portland's premier dynastic family. With the help of Toussaint's bookstore-owning brother, Parker, the detectives wade through multiple clues to narrow down their river of suspects: a drug dealer, an East Coast art collector, a political radical, a used car salesman, and members of Foeller's own family. This is Clyde Curley's first novel. He comes to it after a lifetime as an avid reader and deep appreciator of fiction of all sorts. Clyde taught high school for 31 years in Oregon. He chaired the English Department at Milwaukie High School and taught Special Ed. Language Arts to ninth-graders and Honors Survey of English Literature to twelfth-graders. An avid folk musician, he resides with his wife, Susan, in Bellingham.  
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